Exciting Research Bursary: Partnerships in a time of Covid crisis

We are very excited to launch a research bursary scheme, which is very kindly sponsored by Irish Aid, and directed towards doctoral and early career researchers. CSSI2020 are offering 7x1,000 euro research bursaries as part of this initiative that will address how partnerships can support the response to the challenges posed by the Corvid 19 pandemic. This will also be the subject of a special panel discussion at CSSI 2020 where we have lined up Barbara Grey, Sandra Waddock, Jim Austin and Rob van Tulder to discuss the possibility future research directions in this area.

IA Bursary Seed Funding 2020 Application
Download • 30KB

Deadline: July 10th 2020 (i.e. you will have time to incorporate discussions from the symposium to support you in your application). Full details and application form are attached.

Questions/themes that can be considered:

  • What role can cross sector partnerships play in building resilient and adaptive societies in an era of crises (climate, health)

  • What kinds of issues are emerging as concerns in the cover-19 crisis (e.g. loneliness, hunger, elderly care, domestic violence) and what role can cross sector arrangements have in response to these?

  • How cross sector arrangements emerge, or are triggered by a nation/region/place’s attempts to specific needs, both new and emerging?

  • How the time and place constraints of the Covid-19 crisis has shaped multi-sectoral responses?

  • The form that such arrangements take and how they are coordinated or configured?

  • And if and when arrangements are virtual or hybrid, what is helping to ‘hold’ elements together?

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