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Updated: Jun 19, 2020

@CSSI 2020 we have 10 (very) special panels that will run alongside our open program and will allow for focused discussions on key topics that either relate to the 2020 symposium theme or are more specialist topics in the field of cross sector social interaction.

here is a list, with a link to the call for papers originally published by the chairs

1. Special session on Cross-sector interaction in organizational networks

Anne Quarshie, Laura Albareda, Lea Stadtler

2. Special session Partnerships & Frugal Innovation

Greetje Schouten, Winfred Onyas, Peter Knorringa

3. Cross-sector partnerships: Integrating & scaling RME & ERS practices

Prof Jennifer Leigh Dr Jill Bogie Prof Sheila Killian

4. The promises and perils of theory-based evaluations for cross-sector partnerships

Marijn Faling Greetje Schouten Sietze Vellema

5 Assembling and Sustaining Place-Based Approaches to Addressing Poverty

Prof Morven McEachern & Dr Caroline Moraes

6. Cross Sector Social Interactions in creative places (C-CSSI): mis-placement, dis-placement, re- placement.

Dr Philippe Mairesse and Dr Catherine Morel

7. Partnering for the Sustainable Development Goals: dealing with the Nexus challenge

Prof. dr. Rob van Tulder

8. Wicked Problems and the Governance of Partnerships in Social-Ecological Systems

Dewulf, Art, Dentoni, Domenico and Rob Lubberink

9. Partnerships and Smart Cities

Prof Eoin Reeves

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