Partnership Brokering events at CSSI 2020

Updated: May 12, 2020

On Wednesday June 24th, CSSI 2020 will feature special events focused on partnership brokering – the process of supporting and strengthening collaborations (see below the list of the organisers of these events).

To begin with, we will be hosting a panel conversation to explore:

Partnership Brokering in Cross-Sector Collaborations: Does Place Matter?

This will seek to unpack the ‘brokering’ role in supporting partnering processes and delve further into how ‘place’ shapes partnering.

We are in the planning stages of putting together an exciting panel. It will be led by Leda Stott of the Partnership Brokers Association, and moderated by Darian Stibbe of The Partnering Initiative. The panellists will be invited to share insights about partnership brokering from their specific ‘places’, whether geographic place, political position, sector background, organisational form or the starting place of an individual’s mind-set or values. We will discuss the role of the partnership broker in each of these places, the skills required to play this role, and what we can learn about leadership from it.

And this is just the beginning!

We will then convene three parallel working groups (each with a distinct thematic focus), to probe further into what practitioners and academics can learn from one another on the issue of partnership brokering in different places

To support fruitful interactions at CSSI 2020, the organisers will use a purpose-designed site. Once registered for the conference, you will be given a link to this site where we can convene to discuss, exchange and develop new thinking using the #Partnership_brokering channel.

These special events focused on partnership brokering will be open to participants who are not presenting at CSSI. The organisers have arranged a special day-rate for NGO staff or freelancers working in the area of partnership brokering. Please email [] if you are interested in attending.

We look forward to seeing you in June in this important worldwide gathering of those interested in, and practicing, Partnerships Brokering.


  • Annmarie Ryan, University of Limerick and Chair of CSSI 2020

  • Leda Stott, Partnership Brokers Association and Innovation and Technology for Development Centre/Technical University of Madrid (itdUPM)

  • Lea Stadtler, Grenoble Ecole de Management

  • Claudia Leifkes, Partnerships 2030 and GIZ

  • Darian Stibbe, The Partnering Initiative

  • Bulbul Baksi, The Partnership Brokers Association

  • Lola Gostelow, The Partnership Brokers Association

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