Special Lunch and Learn event at this years conference!

Do you have an innovative CSSI teaching approach you want to share? Are you feeling concerned about translating your CSSI topics into the digital environment? Do you not know where to get started? Perhaps all of these? Following Annemarie’s lead in experimenting within the CSSI conference, we have organized a Lunch & Learn session on Thursday, 25th June for one hour (14.35-15.35 Irish time). In this synchronous session, we’ll learn about the various CSSI teaching resources available online and discuss with us tips and tricks for teaching CSSI topics in online/virtual settings.

That’s not all! As part of the creativity, our virtual conference allows you can participate in advance asynchronously-on your own from now until the session. Go to our open-access online whiteboard in MURAL (click here). Here you can read about the various CSSI teaching resources and listen to the CSSI teaching-tool introduction videos we have curated for you on a MURAL. Also, respond and share your needs and questions, and indicate what you can offer the community.

When you enter the MURAL, look for notes guiding you through the digital space. If you are unfamiliar with MURAL, watch this short video: for an overview and tips. If you can shop online, you can figure out this platform; just be a little patient with yourself.

This is a shared space and the Lunch & Learn session will depend on YOUR contribution to make it ‘come alive’ – so many thanks ahead for co-curating with us!

Virtually Yours,

Lea Stadtler, Helena Knight & Jennifer Leigh

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